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Duty of Care - Safety and Security

Standard Operating Procedures

When it comes to having regularity in any business, encompassing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) into employee´s daily regimens is a must to avoid screw ups on the daily grind.

In any type of situations are unavoidable because crises do take place, but having a crisis management plan is the key to resolving an issue the quickest and most efficient way possible. ​

Our Clients should feel like they are our number one priority and we are there to ensure their confidence and trust in our service. We want the Dallas Fort-Worth Metropolitan area to recognize our Company as one that provides safe, legal transportation, while adding that “special touch and our chauffeur know that they are associated with a Company that cares what the public is thinking.

We hire only local certified professional chauffeurs / drivers with all necessary background check for safety & security of our passengers.

Chauffeur / Drivers Dress Code

The Chauffeur may be the first person a Client meets, face to face. You represent our Company & Our City. First impressions are best impressions and that is why we make sure our employees are the sharpest looking Chauffeurs on the road. Our goal is to set you apart from the other drivers. We want you to feel proud to be working for BLS Interstate.


All limousines are strictly non-smoking for Clients and Chauffeurs

Smoking is strictly prohibited for the Chauffeur, while behind the wheel of the limousine, with or without Clients in the limousine

  • The garage is a non‐smoking area
  • No Chauffeur is permitted to buy cigarettes for any minors
  • No Chauffeur will accept cash, in exchange for permission for the Client to smoke in the limousine
  • USE OF ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES (Zero Tolerance Policy For Intoxicating Substance)

    Consumption of Alcohol

    Any consumption of alcohol, regardless of amount, while on duty or at any time the Chauffeur is “on-the-clock”, will result in immediate termination of employment.

    Any Chauffeur suspected of drinking alcohol prior to taking a run will not be permitted to drive and will face immediate termination. This policy will be strictly enforced.


    The use or possession of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate termination. BLS Interstate LLC reserves the right to implement a drug testing program with out prior notice. Any Chauffeur suspected of violating the above policy will be confronted immediately.


    Any Chauffeur / Driver on prescription drugs or “over-the-counter” drugs that may cause drowsiness or impaired driving skills, must notify Management. Management will make a determination as to whether the Chauffeur can safely manoeuvre the limousine.


    We rely on our Chauffeurs to represent our Company in the best possible way. Our reputation is in your hands. Immediate termination will result if the Chauffeur is noted to be acting in an unprofessional manner. Included but not limited to the following:

    • Sleeping on the job
    • Sitting in the back of the limousine
    • Conducting your self in an unruly manner
    • Using the limousine for your own personal gains
    • Fraternizing with the Clients while on duty
    • Misrepresenting the Company in any way
    • Violating any policy mentioned in this manual
    • Divulging Company policies and procedures to anyone outside of the Company. This includes but is not limited to; policies, procedures, rate of pay, limousine rates, etc. Gossip can be damaging force and we ask that you do not get caught up in the gossip with other Chauffeur’s. If you have a question or concern you should always feel free to come directly to Management


    Your continued employment with BLS Interstate LLC is directly dependent on your driving record. Commercial insurance comes at a premium. We do not want this compromised by any careless driving.

    • Any Chauffeur receiving a traffic violation while driving a limousine will be responsible for all fines and may face termination of employment after consideration of the severity of the violation
    • Speeding is strictly prohibited by all Chauffeurs. Chauffeurs are not to exceed the speed limit, with or without Clients in the limousine.
    • The use of radar detectors is not permitted

    Contacting the City of Dallas:
    City of Dallas, The Department of Aviation
    ​ Transportation Regulation Division
    Dallas, TX 75235
    Phone: (214) 670-3161
    Or Just Click Here 3-1-1
    Fax: (214) 670-6968
    E-mail: ​[email protected]
    ​Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles available with advance Request. Please Call on Phone @ ​ 214-676-2800